Good in parts

Who We Are

BrianGood in Parts is a friendly singing group of men and women who are young at heart. We come together to enjoy each other’s company and sing wonderful songs. We believe that singing is for everyone and that it should be fun!

The choir was formed over 20 years’ ago and in that time we have shared lots of songs and laughter. All our songs are taught by ear and through repetition, with an emphasis on mutual support and encouragement. We sometimes distribute written scores but you don’t have to be able to read music.

There are no auditions to join the choir and no-one is expected to sing solo. We usually sing songs in three or four parts. Choir members can access practice tracks as an aid to learning the songs via the members’ area of our website.

The choir currently has around 50 members and is led by Brian Davies. Brian is a member of the Natural Voice Network.

What We Do

Usually, we’ll start with a vocal and physical warm before singing a simple song or round. We then spend some time learning new material before having the all-important tea break for a catch-up and chat.

In the second half of the session, we try to re-visit songs from our current song list that we are familiar with so we can have a jolly good sing.

Our repertoire is wide-ranging. Basically, we sing anything that’s interesting, fun and has lots of lovely harmonies. Recent sessions have included songs from Africa and Eastern Europe, spirituals, gospel and arrangements of pop songs.

We aim to perform in public a number of times each year, usually in support of local charities. We are also keen on social activities and have organised visits to local restaurants, quiz nights, picnics in the park & weekends in the Dales!

There is a list of past and upcoming events on our ‘Events’ page.

Please see below for meeting times and our location.